U.P.M.A.R.T. Common Law Course

The Spirit Of Freedom In Action

Chill Out at an UPMART Common Law Course (UCLC)

For information on UCLC and application form write to: Upmart PO Box 1 Yea, Vic 3717

Malcolm McClure founder of UPMART and tutor of the UCLC


We have included the video (above) so you are aware that we in UPMART do have a couple videos for you to watch on YouTube.¬† There’s not many available as yet but more are coming soon. Also please note: A few people and/or organizations have taken an opportunity to associate their video’s with UPMART on YouTube. They may agree with UPMART principles and like to associate themselves with UPMART, that’s great, however only the videos on YouTube that feature Mr Malcolm McClure in interview are in fact true UPMART videos.

UPMART is very unique. It consists of people who share a common, human rights and community interest. We have people in UPMART who are willing to stand for human rights against adversity. The stand separates UPMART from organizations who’s members are not permitted to take up the UPMART initiatives. Their members still want to be seen as aligned with the association of UPMART. Unfortunately, as I see it, they want to have, a foot in each camp. This is not possible. To truly stand for freedom or for truth as some say, they must follow their conscience by taking up the UPMART initiatives.

Learn more by attending a UCLC  It is a great opportunity if it is still on offer by Mr McClure The course provides a grounding for everyday Australians to learn about common law. It teaches the structure of the common law in this country. Also in a UCLC students had an opportunity to learn useful tools of law that they may handle problems commonly faced today, such as speeding fines, and parking fines. Learn many secrets that lawyers do not want you to know.

Malcolm also teaches the skills necessary to handle your own legal processes, for those who are so inclined.

Although there are some personal benefits which can be gained through this learning, it is the wider community interest, in our human rights here in Australia, which is the real reason we get together in UPMART.

Examples of human rights causes in Australia for which we in UPMART stand include:
– our right to be presumed innocent until otherwise proven guilty (refer Common Law foundations);
– our right of passage, ie our right to travel free from unlawful road tolls (refer Federal Constitution);
– our right to be not medicated against our informed consent (eg water fluoridation cause);

There are over 25 such community causes of action which UPMART has championed over 10+ years.

I recommend my earlier Interview with Malcolm , and the UPMART.org website.


  • Mick Moore says:

    Hi Jill,

    You’ve chosen a really interesting topic to write about. I think it’s really important to value our human rights and have the courage to fight for them.

    I tend to take my rights for granted. In Australia, we’re so lucky. We can speak up and bring about change without any fear of retribution.

    There are a lot of places around the world where people are not so fortunate.
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  • Jill says:

    Hi Mick,

    I’m pleased you find the topic interesting. You’re very on the ball by saying that it’s so important that we stand up for basic human rights, here in Australia.

    I’m not disagreeing that we don’t have fear of retribution for speaking out however would be interested to know of an example, if you can easily think of one to give. A right of passage is one primary human right that’s becoming so lost that we may take a long time to reclaim it. A right to privacy is another. A right to collect and drink rainwater is another one the farmers are having a problem upholding.

  • Alex123 says:

    It teaches the structure of the law in this country. Also learn very useful tools of law to handle problems we commonly face today, such as speeding fines, and parking fines. Learn many secrets that lawyers do not want you to know.
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