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Fluoride Free Drinking Water

UPMART supports Fluoride free drinking water. Learn more about this UPMART initiative in an UCLC.

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  • Darryl Turner says:

    Hello Malcolm I used to work in aluminium foundries for 15 years, spraying sodium fluoride on my die every day to help treat the aluminium in the die casting process.

    I used up to 15 spoonfuls of fluoride every day and now I have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome amongst other things.

    My left elbow is around 3 times the size of my right elbow and my daughter has been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome as well.

    My son has problems as well that sound like fluoride effected as well.

    I have been in touch with Professor Connett of the fluoride action network and told him about Simon Molesworth who is an environmental QC whose practice is in Victoria and he is the president of the:

    You might like to make contact with him as well about fluoridation Malcolm.

    Darryl Turner

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